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Business philosophy & Service conce

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Business philosophy & Service conce

Founded in 2012, Baoding Push Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of petroleum product test equipment and high-voltage power test equipment. Our company adopts advanced production technology and deep processing technology to produce advanced testing equipment and instruments. At the same time, we are also equipped with excellent scientific researchers. We have more utility model patent certificates and computer software copyright registration certificates, and obtained ISO9001, iso45001 and CE certificates in 2019.

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Business philosophy & Service conce

Insulating oil dielectric strength tester

A brief analysis of the test purpose of the insulating oil breakdown voltage tester:1.The dielectric strength of electrical insulating materials is the key performance that determines the conditions under which the material can be used. In many cases, the dielectric strength of the material is...

PS-ZD20T Three Phase Winding Resistance Tester

I. GeneralDC resistance of transformer is the essential item to be tested in semi-finished product, finished product delivery test, installation, handover test and preventive test by electric power department, and is effective to help find manufacturing defects such as materials selection for...

Moisture analysis

Moisture analysis covers a variety of methods for measuring moisture content in solids, liquids, or gases. For example, moisture (usually measured as a percentage) is a common specification in commercial food production. There are many applications where trace moisture measurements are...

Transformer Oil Flash Point and its Importance

Flash point of the transformer oil is 140˚C. In this article, we will discuss the flash point of the transformer oil and what is its importance. What is the Flash Point of Oil? The transformer oil on heating hydrocarbon present in the oil releases enough vapors. The vapor so produced...

Determination of flash point— Rapid equilibrium closed cup method

1 Scope This standard specifies a kind of paint (water-based paint), varnish, lacquer base and adhesive with a closed cup flash point in the range of 130℃~300℃ Method for the determination of closed cup flash point of solvents, solvents, petroleum and related products. When using...

Chinese traditional festivals – Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West. All people living away from home go back, becoming the busiest time for transportation systems of about half a month from the Spring Festival....