Air generator | Gas Chromatography Test Kit

Short Description:

PS-2009  Fully Automatic Air Supply is specially used to gas chromatograph as a stable pressure and purified air supply and satisfied with various models if gas chromatographs,which are manufactured by domestic and aboard manufactures .
It has been approved by National Analytical Instrument Testing Center.

Model No.: PS-2009

Product Detail

Product Tags

1、Switch of power supply 5、Outlet port of air
2、Pressure indicator 6、Outlet port of air
3、Pressure stabilizing valve 7、Flow limiting valve
4、Water release pipe 8、Cable of power supply
9 Filter (activated charcoal) 12Air storage tank
10、Changeover electromagnetic valve 13Pressure controller
11、Air Compressor 14Filter (activated charcoal)


Main technical parameter

Output flow

0-2000ml/min (under the state of 0.4Mpa)

Output pressure


Pressure stability


Working noise


Working environment


Relative humidity


Power supply


Consumed power


Outer dimension


Net weight


Features of instrument

1.Easy operation: Only switch on the power supply if it is required. The water can be automatically drained air according to amount of environmental humidity.

2. Process advantages: The full enclosed to increase the air purification. The primary and two-stage filters are selected to increase the air purification. Pressure adjustment should be in the range of 0-0.4Mpa Precision range of pressure stability is less than 0.002Mpa

3. Long lifetime: The pressure controller is located at the outlet port of the gas storage tank. When the pressure in the gas storage tank drops to the low limit of 0.6Mpa, the pressure controller starts working. When the pressure in the gas storage tank reaches up to the upper limit of 0.8Mpa, its power supply will be switched off by the pressure controller and the compressor stops working, these procedures will be repeatedly to satisfy the requirement of the system. A safe control device is mounted for avoiding overpressure in the system. A low pressure-starting device is provided with the system, which can guarantee the gas pressure to be the zero when the main unit starts for each time. In this case, the lifetime of the main unit is more extended.

4. Safe and reliable: an overheating automatic protecting device is mounted inside of the compressor of the instrument. When the temperature of the outer cover of the compressor is higher 80℃, the power supply will be automatically cut off by the overheating protecting device.

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