Gas Chromatography Complete Tester

  • hydrogen generator |Gas Chromatography Test Kit

    hydrogen generator |Gas Chromatography Test Kit

    PS-300 High Purity Hydrogen Generator employs the latest technology to satisfy various models of gas chromatographs, which are manufactured by domestic and aboard manufactures.

    Its pressure control adopts high sensitive fuzzy control and automatic tracking system to make the precision range of the pressure stability less 0.001MPa. It not only makes stable hydrogen pressure and flow, but also extends the lifetime of the instrument.

    Its electrolytic cell utilizes transient metal element catalytic technology and process multi-stage purification. There are two filters providing with the instrument. The hydrogen purity can be reached up to: oxygen content : less 3PPM, water content dew point temperature :-56

    Model No.: PS-300

  • Air generator | Gas Chromatography Test Kit

    Air generator | Gas Chromatography Test Kit

    PS-2009  Fully Automatic Air Supply is specially used to gas chromatograph as a stable pressure and purified air supply and satisfied with various models if gas chromatographs,which are manufactured by domestic and aboard manufactures .
    It has been approved by National Analytical Instrument Testing Center.

    Model No.: PS-2009

  • PS-8001 Gas Chromatograph Analyzer

    PS-8001 Gas Chromatograph Analyzer

    Gas chromatographic analysis technique is an analysis of multicomponent mixture separation and analysis technology. It mainly uses the difference in boiling point and polarity of sample and in the chromatographic column adsorption coefficient, so that the various components in chromatographic column can be separated and analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively.

    Model No.: PS-8001