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Grease Tester



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PUSH ElECTRIC are the manufacturer specializing in the R&D, production sales and service of petroleum product test equipment and high-voltage power test equipment.

Main PUSH equipment such as insulating oil dielectric strength tester, insulating oil trace moisture tester, relay protection tester, cable fault locator, high voltage tester, transformer turn ratio tester and gas analyzer.

PUSH Tell You What Grease Tester Is And How To Choose?

A grease tester is a piece of laboratory equipment used to evaluate the properties and quality of lubricating greases. When we choose it, PUSH ELECTRIC will tell you what you should consider:

  • Grease thickener type: Calcium complex thickener is commonly used in this application.
  • Base fluid viscosity: A light viscosity base oil of around 100cSt at 40°C is typically used.
  • Base fluid type: Mineral oil is the base fluid used in the grease.
  • Additive requirements: Anti-wear and rust protection additives are required to protect components operating in damp conditions.
  • NLGI grade: An NLGI 2 grade grease is suited to provide adequate lubrication while resisting water washout.
  • Environmental conditions of the application: High humidity and frequent wet conditions mean the grease must resist water contamination and withstand occasional spray-down washing.
  • Boiling point: With operating temperatures often exceeding 100°C, the base oil and thickener components must have a boiling point over 200°C.

Why Baoding PUSH ElECTRIC Provides Quality Equipment For Customers?

  • PUSH ELECTRIC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of petroleum product test equipment with 12 years experiences.
  • Our dedicated team consists of over 10 senior technicians who focus on research and development in the field of petroleum product Oil Penetration Tester equipment.
  • We cater to various national and international customer groups, providing products for OEM/ODM purposes.
  • PUSH ELECTRIC takes pride in holding numerous utility model patent certificates and computer software copyright registration certificates.
  • In 2019, we obtained ISO9001, ISO45001, and CE certificates, further validating the quality and compliance of our products.
  • We actively engage in regular marketing activities, offering high-quality and affordable solutions to our customers.
  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to providing 24-hour online service, ensuring a seamless experience. Additionally, we offer intimate after-sales support and provide a one-year warranty for the tester equipment we manufacture.
  • With our products reaching as many as 20 foreign export countries, we have established trusted relationships with buyers worldwide.
  • We have formed a strategic partnership with Eurotest Co. Ltd. in Russia, who serves as our official agent for oil testing equipment in the Russian market.

Related Specifications Would Match Oversea Customers Demand

  1. Penetration display – LCD digital display with 0.1 cone penetration.
  2. Timer setting tange – 0~99 seconds±0.1seconds.
  3. Instrument power supply – 220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz.
  4. Maximum sounding depth – greater than 620 cone penetration.
  5. Cone penetration display battery – LR44H button battery.