PUSH oil breakdown voltage tester oil bdv tester astm d877 astm d1816

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Insulating oil dielectric strength tester complies with astm d1816 astm d877 standard. It is testing all kinds of Insulation Oil’s Dielectric Strength Value.Our company has three different types of single-cup oil bdv tester, three-cup oil bdv tester and six-cup oil bdv tester.

Model No.: PS-1001D

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Functions and characteristics

1.The instrument is controlled by a large capacity single chip microcomputer, and the work is stable and reliable.
2.There is a wide range watchdog circuit in the instrument to eliminate the phenomenon of death.
3.A variety of operation options, the instrument with GB1986, GB2002 ,IEC156,ASTM D877,ASTM D1816 five national standard methods and custom operation, can adapt to different users of a variety of choices;
4.An instrument using special glass mold for one time, prevent the occurrence of oil spills and other interference phenomenon;
5.The unique high voltage terminal sampling design of the instrument allows test values to directly enter the A/D converter, avoiding the errors caused by analog circuits, and making the measurement results more accurate.
6.The instrument has the functions of over current, overvoltage, short circuit and so on, and has very strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility.
7.Portable structure, easy to move, easy to use both inside and outside.

technical parameter

Name indicators
output voltage 0~80kv(or0-100kv)
THVD <1%
pressure rate 0.5~5.0kv/s
booster capacity 1.5kVA
measurement accuracy ±2%
supply voltage AC220V±10%
power frequency 50Hz±2%
power 200w
applicable temperature 0~45℃
applicable humidity <85%RH
width*height*depth 410mm*390mm*375mm
net weight ~32kg

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