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PUSH Electrical Appliance Sales Guarantee Service

For more than 10 years, PUSH has always adhered to the principle of serving customers with integrity and the best knowledge. Provide complete customer-oriented services, from pre-sale service, in-sale service, after-sale service to extended service.

pre-sale service

◆Provide valuable consultation

◆Guide users to choose suitable equipment according to production demand and investment scale.

◆Help to find in-demand instruments

◆Provide logistics plan and estimated quotation

Mid-sales service

PUSH is happy to share its industry-related knowledge and expertise with customers to help them understand product information and match their needs in the shortest possible time.

◆Ensure product safety during delivery

◆Review the contact information, confirm or revise the uncertainties or problems that need to be resolved through negotiation between the two parties.

◆Assign production orders and arrange production according to requirements.

◆Provide free training

After-sales service

PUSH prepares complete and detailed files for its customers, recording the equipment model, configuration, installation environment and conditions of the manufactured products. In doing so, it is more convenient for us to provide fast service to our customers. Additionally, we offer technical reviews on a regular or indefinite basis to ensure our customers are the first to know about the latest technological advancements made by PUSH.

◆Provide maintenance suggestions during product use

◆Provide remote professional technical support

◆Exclusive salesman is always online

◆Free spare parts replacement

Extended service

With the help of the global user network, PUSH has established a service network, and the exclusive account manager allows customers from different countries to enjoy the same exclusive service

◆Share the latest industry information

◆Buy again with discount

◆Provide spare parts for a fee

◆Share the latest products of PUSH