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Transformer Test



PUSH Produces Quality Transformer Tests

PUSH ElECTRIC is a reputable manufacturer in China. And main products include insulating oil dielectric strength tester, insulating oil trace moisture tester, relay protection tester, cable fault locator, high voltage tester,insulation resistance tester, transformer turn ratio tester and gas analyzer. Meanwhile, PUSH Transformer Test is also worth to recommand.

Transformer tests are used to determine the condition of a transformer and its ability to withstand voltage surges. The three primary tests are:

  • Open-circuit test
  • Short-circuit test
  • Measurements of winding resistance
  • Other tests include:
  • Megger test, also known as insulation resistance test
  • Oil test
  • Turns ratio test
  • Resistance test
  • Polarity test

Transformers rated at 600 V or less can be tested with a 500 V or 1000 V megohmmeter. This test looks for any leakage to the ground or between the primary and secondary. To test a transformer with a multimeter, you can:

Switch the multimeter to “ohms”.

  • Insert the red and black test leads into the meter.
  • Touch the two leads together. The ohmmeter should read zero ohms or a closed circuit.

PUSH ELECTRIC With Many Enterprise Advantages

Established in 2012, PUSH ELECTRIC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of petroleum product dc resistance tester equipment.

Our dedicated team of 10+ senior technicians focuses on R&D for petroleum product test equipment.

We cater to diverse national and international OEM/ODM customer groups, providing tailored products to meet their needs.

PUSH ELECTRIC holds multiple utility model patent certificates and computer software copyright registration certificates.

We are proud owners of ISO9001, ISO45001, and CE certificates acquired in 2019, ensuring quality and compliance.

We engage in regular marketing activities, offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Our services include 24-hour online support, attentive after-sales service, and a one-year warranty for our tester equipment.

We have successfully exported to 20 countries, establishing trust-based relationships with buyers.

Through a collaboration agreement with Russia’s Eurotest Co. Ltd., they serve as our company’s agent for oil testing equipment in the Russian market.

The Warmly Tips About How To Check Transformer Test?

  • Firstly, an capacitance inductance tester evaluates the transformer’s insulation by applying voltage with the secondary open. This checks for winding faults and insulation deterioration.
  • Secondly, a short-circuit test examines core characteristics by energizing the transformer with a shorted secondary. This evaluates copper and core losses under load conditions.
  • Thirdly, measuring the resistance of windings identifies increased impedance potentially resulting from overheating. Uniform resistance readings across all windings indicate the transformer core is intact.