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Understand the meaning of tension: Insulating oil tension tester!


The importance of tension testing:

Interfacial tension plays an important role in many processes and phenomena in which different phases come into contact with each other:

Emulsions and Emulsifiability: Interfacial tension affects emulsification and the tendency for phase separation.

Oil displacement (e.g. tertiary crude oil production): The organic phase can be moved after water displacement if the interfacial tension is reduced by surfactants.

Quality testing of hydrophobic liquids: The aging of hydrophobic liquids is usually closely related to the reduction of water interfacial tension. The measurement of interfacial tension is an important quality test in cases such as transformer oil.

In the case of solid-liquid interfaces, interfacial tension affects the long-term stability of interfacial contacts, for example during gluing and coating processes.


Why choose our insulating oil tensile tester?

Our insulating oil tension testers offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability. It is an important tool for quickly and accurately measuring tensile properties, allowing users to make informed decisions about equipment maintenance. Whether diagnosing potential problems or ensuring optimal functionality, this tester is the cornerstone of maintaining equipment integrity.


The role of tension testing in maintaining the integrity of insulating oils cannot be overstated. Our insulating oil tension testers are always reliable companions and reflect our commitment to providing industry-leading solutions. As we celebrate this holiday, we extend warm holiday greetings and reaffirm our commitment to providing superior petroleum and chemical testing solutions.