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Adhesive Treatment of Grinding Port of Electrolytic Cell of Trace Moisture Meter


The trace moisture analyzer needs to rotate the ground joint of the electrolytic cell within about a week. If it cannot be easily rotated, a thin layer of vacuum grease should be reapplied. If you do not check this way, the vacuum grease will harden and grind The parts connected to the port may not be disassembled, so it must be maintained frequently. If the connection of the electrolytic cell of the trace moisture analyzer is firmly bonded together and it is not easy to disassemble, please disassemble according to the steps.

Steps: Drain the electrolyte in the electrolytic cell and rinse it. Inject a small amount of acetone around the ground joint, and then gently turn the parts at the ground joint to disassemble. If it still cannot be disassembled, please put the electrolytic cell into a 2-liter beaker, slowly add potassium chloride solution with a concentration of 5% to soak, and be very careful not to let the end of the lead sleeve of the measuring electrode and the cathode chamber electrode enter the liquid , After soaking for about ten hours or 24 hours, it can be disassembled.

Matters needing attention in measuring moisture: The diluent used must be strictly dehydrated, so as not to affect the accuracy of the measurement result due to water in the diluent. The micro-water tester and other instruments used must be clean and dry. When measuring, zeolite or celadon chips should be added to the distillation bottle to form a boiling center, so that the diluent can better carry the water out. At the same time, the upper end of the condensation tube should be plugged with clean cotton to prevent the moisture in the air from being condensed, which will make the measurement result higher. If the air humidity is too high, a drying tube can be connected to the upper end of the condensation tube.

Trace moisture analyzer is a new type of instrument that combines Coulomb meter and Karl-Fischer method to measure moisture by using electric power method. It can measure the content of trace moisture in different liquid, gas and solid samples. It has fast test speed and high test accuracy. , Good reliability and other advantages, widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, pesticide, environmental protection, pesticide industry and scientific research units of colleges and universities to test the moisture content.