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PS-1001B Push Electrical Oil BDV Insulation Oil Breakdown Voltage Dielectric Strength Tester

Short Description:

PS-1001B Double-opening cover design, strong sealing, not easy to be affected by the outside world, suitable for outdoor testing, three-dimensional shape is convenient to carry, transport and store, follow astm d1816, astm d877, obtained CE certificate, intuitive reading, simple operation

Model No.: PS-1001B

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Product Detail

Functions and characteristics

● The instrument is controlled by a large capacity single chip microcomputer, and the work is stable and reliable.

● There is a wide range watchdog circuit in the instrument to eliminate the phenomenon of death.

● A variety of operation options, the instrument with GB1986, GB2002 two national standard methods and custom operation, can adapt to a variety of different users of the choice.

● An instrument using special glass mold for one time, prevent the occurrence of oil spills and other interference phenomenon.

● The unique high voltage terminal sampling design of the instrument allows test values to directly enter the A/D converter, avoiding the errors caused by analog circuits, and making the measurement results more accurate.

● The instrument has the functions of over current, overvoltage, short circuit and so on. It has very strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility.

● Portable structure, easy to move, easy to use both inside and outside.

Technical Parameter

Name Indicators
Output voltage: 0~80 kV(0-100KV can be set)
THDu <2%
pressure rate 2.0~3.5 kV/s(Δ = 0.5 kV/s)
Booster capacity 1.5 kVA
measurement accuracy 1%
supply voltage AC 220 V ±10%
Power frequency 50 Hz ±2%
Power 200 w
Applicable temperature 0~45℃
Applicable humidity <85 % RH
Width x high x depth 410×390×375 (mm)
410×390×375 (mm) ~ 29 kg


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