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HV Switch Tester



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PUSH ELECTRIC as reputed China manufacturer, at the same time, we have successfully exported our products to 20+ countries, establishing trusted relationships with our buyers. About our main product HV Swith Tester, we introduce below:

What Are High voltage (HV) testers?

High voltage switch testers are used to evaluate the functioning of important high voltage equipment within energy infrastructure and converter stations. Regular assessments by circuit breaker tester help guarantee uninterrupted operations and protect worker safety. When shopping for an HV switch tester it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Number of test points
  • Voltage and current limits
  • Tester dimensions
  • Extra features such as high voltage, 4-wire Kelvin, and component testing

How PUSH ELECTRIC Develop Itself?

Established in 2012, PUSH ELECTRIC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of petroleum product test equipment.

With a team of 10+ senior technicians, we are dedicated to conducting research and development in the field of petroleum product test equipment.

Our products are tailored to meet the requirements of various national and international OEM/ODM customer groups.

PUSH ELECTRIC is proud to hold multiple utility model patent certificates and computer software copyright registration certificates, showcasing our commitment to innovation.

In 2019, we acquired ISO9001, ISO45001, and CE certificates, further validating the quality and compliance of our products.

We engage in regular marketing activities, offering high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

Our customer-centric approach includes 24-hour online service, providing attentive after-sales support, and offering a one-year warranty for all the loop resistance tester equipment we produce.

Tips About High Voltage Switch Testers Need To Comply With Specific Regulations

IEC 61243-1 – This is the international standard for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear testing.
ANSI/ISA-61243 – The American national version of the above IEC standard.
NFPA 70E – In the US, the National Fire Protection Association Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace dictates safety requirements for On Load Tap Changer tester.
OSHA 1910.269 – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations on electrical power transmission and distribution.
Calibration standards like ISO/IEC 17025 – For testers being used to certify other equipment.