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Circuit Breaker Tester: Using Hazardous Tests for Safety


In the operation of power system, circuit breaker is a very important protection equipment, which may lead to serious damage or even collapse of the system in case of failure. Circuit breaker tester is an important equipment used to test the performance of circuit breaker in power system, which can carry out a variety of routine and special tests on circuit breakers.

Circuit breaker testers are used to test low voltage source circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers with thermo-magnetic or solid state tripping devices, they are tested by simulating an overload or fault condition,therefore they have several alternative names,including Switch characteristics tester or High Voltage Switch Comprehensive Characteristic Tester.

Circuit breaker testing has a very important safety significance, so the choice of circuit breaker tester also needs careful consideration, Push is China’s first-class Switch characteristics tester manufacturer, next we would like to do some introduction for the Switch characteristics tester for buyers.

Basic test items of circuit breaker

Switch characteristics testers can perform to test these items below:

  1. Removal time test: Removal time test is the most important test item in the performance test of circuit breaker, and its purpose is to determine the time for the circuit breaker to open, in order to judge whether its protection meets the requirements.
  2. Breakage capacity test: The breakage capacity test can determine the short-circuit current carrying capacity of the circuit breaker under the rated current, in order to judge whether it has the ability to carry system faults.
  3. Closing time test: Closing time test can determine the time of circuit breaker closing to judge whether its response speed to the system meets the requirements.
  4. Trip times test: trip times test can be simulated through a variety of fault conditions to determine the number of circuit breaker trips to determine its service life and reliability.

Benefits of circuit breaker tester

High Voltage Switch Comprehensive Characteristic Tester have these advantages:

  • High-precision Measurement: Equipped with high-precision sensors and measuring instruments, the circuit breaker characteristic tester can obtain the data of various parameters of the circuit breaker in real time and carry out accurate data analysis and processing.
  • Multiple testing functions: the tester can carry out a variety of routine and special tests to comprehensively assess the performance and reliability of circuit breakers.
  • High reliability: the tester has been verified by many experiments, with high reliability and stability, which can bring good protection effect for the power system.
  • Easy to operate: the tester adopts human-computer interactive interface design, easy to understand the operation, even without professional knowledge of the user can easily get started.

It is these advantages that make the Switch characteristics tester more and more widely used and recognized.

Use Precautions of High Voltage Switch Comprehensive Characteristic Tester

At the end of the article Push,China would like to share with our readers a few precautions for use:

  1. Equipment inspection: before use, you need to check and maintain the equipment to ensure its normal operation.
  2. Environmental adaptation: the tester has a strong adaptability to the environment, but in use need to pay attention to the environment of the temperature, humidity and other factors may have an impact on the test results.
  3. Parameter Setting: The parameters need to be set according to the actual situation during the test to ensure the accuracy of the test data.
  4. Data recording: after the completion of the test, you need to record and save the test data in a timely manner to facilitate subsequent analysis and comparison.