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Difference table of two models of potentiometric titrators


modelFeed accuracy(ml)Number of methods = method template + user methodsave resultone-step dosingconnect computerAutomatic calculationtotal caculationprint reportIndependent mixing tablePermission to log in
PS-DD6000.0005100+million Multistage
modelTitration needs met
PS-DD3DIt is suitable for most ordinary users, the feeding accuracy is 0.0005ml, and there are 20 methods that can change the titration parameters. More flexible and convenient to use, suitable for user sample diversity. There are functions such as simple personnel login, statistical calculation, and result printing. There are endpoint and equivalence point titration functions.
PS-DD600The accuracy of this instrument is comparable to that of dd3d, but it is very convenient to use. It can use the touch screen method for handwriting input and mass storage. Wireless connection with computer results, personnel login, various data statistics,
Almost all titrations such as end point, equivalence point, interval titration, etc. can be performed, and titration modes such as photometric and temperature can also be expanded