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How to buy and import testing equipment from China?


How to buy and import testing equipment from China?

If you plan to import testing equipment from China, you must have many questions.

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How to choose the appropriate oil detection equipment, transformer testing equipment, power testing equipment, high voltage testing equipment? How to ensure the quality of equipment products? How do I ship from China?

In this complete guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about buying testing equipment from China.

Why import testing equipment from China?


When choosing a testing equipment supplier overseas, the first question is: which country should I source my products from? I won’t bother you with reasons like “China makes products at low cost”.

Which country is the world’s largest exporter of testing equipment?

I will answer directly, China is the largest exporter of testing equipment in the world.

Which countries import the most testing equipment from China? Equipment market highlights:

The testing equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.9% by 2030. The testing equipment market is overtaken by rising awareness of maintenance cost savings and operational performance, and the global demand for testing equipment is expected to expand significantly over the next few years.

Testing Equipment Market: The regional testing equipment market is segmented into five major regions based on regional analysis: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and North Africa.

What types of testing equipment are sold?

By understanding the functions of the testing equipment, you can have a good understanding of which testing equipment is suitable for you. You can choose the most suitable device for you according to the functions of different devices.

The oil testing equipment is divided into: oil bdv testerKarl Fischer Titratorflash point testeroil dielectric loss testeranti-emulsification tester…. etc.

Transformer testing equipment: transformation ratio testerhigh voltage dielectric lossdc resistance testerCT PT testerinsulation resistance tester….etc

High voltage testing equipment: ultra-low frequency testerAC and DC voltmeter tester….etc

But you need to clearly know your needs and have certain operating experience, we will recommend suitable products to you.

Transformer Oil bdv tester

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The insulating oil withstand voltage tester truly realizes the full automation of the dielectric strength measurement of insulating oil, making the tedious and dangerous work safe and easy. The instrument adopts special software and hardware anti-jamming measures to eliminate the easy crash phenomenon. Smaller size, easy to carry to the field for use.

1. The instrument has an automatic detection function, such as automatically entering the reset state when the machine is turned on, and executing the zero return of the voltage regulator.

2. Using a miniature TPU-A panel printer, automatic printout.

3. The number of tests, the stirring and resting time, and the voice-activated light-activated reminder can be changed for continuous printing and non-printing according to user needs.

4. The instrument adopts automatic magnetic vibrator stirring to eliminate unevenness and air bubbles of oil samples.

Automatic turns ratio tester

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The automatic variable ratio group tester overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional variable ratio bridge test. The instrument completes the three-phase transformation ratio test at one time, with fast test speed and high accuracy.

1. The protection function is perfect, with high and low voltage reverse connection protection, transformer inter-turn short-circuit protection, output short-circuit protection, and increase the stability of the instrument.

2. The instrument has both print output, U disk interface, and RS232 interface, which is convenient for paperless office

3. Three-phase test power supply, improve the test speed, and can identify the transformer wiring group 0-11

4. Sampling digital three-phase inverter test power supply, no harmonic content, easy to adjust the voltage, start, stop to eliminate the influence of the power supply when AC220V or sampling generator power supply.

5. Applicable to a wide variety of transformers, with Z-shaped connection transformer testing function.

High Voltage Dielectric Loss Tester

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Dielectric loss measurement is a very basic method in insulation test. It can effectively detect the whole damp deterioration and partial defects of electrical equipment insulation. It is widely used in electrical manufacturing, installation of electrical equipment, handover and preventive testing. Measurement of dielectric loss of transformer, transformer, reactor, capacitor, bushing and arrester is the most basic method to measure their insulation performance.PS-FA Capacitan&Tan-Delta tester breaks through the traditional bridge measurement mode by adopting frequency conversion power supply technology, using single chip computer and modern electronic technology to automatically convert 

frequency, analog-to-digital conversion and data operation; it achieves strong anti-interference ability, fast testing speed, high accuracy, automatic digitalization and easy operation; the power supply adopts high-power switching power supply, and outputs 45Hz and 55Hz pure sinusoidal wave. Automatic pressurization can provide up to 10 kilovolts of voltage; automatic filtering of 50 Hz interference, suitable for field testing of large electromagnetic interference in substations. It is widely used in dielectric loss measurement of transformer, transformer, bushing, capacitor, arrester and other equipment in power industry. 

1、It has the function of low voltage shielding of reverse wiring.

2、Can do AC voltage withstand test.

3、It can identify the frequency of external high-voltage power supply from 40Hz to 300Hz, and allow large capacity and high voltage dielectric loss test with power frequency power supply or series resonant power supply.

4、It has the function of CVT test and can realize the self-excitation test of CVT.

5、When testing CVT, not only the capacitance and dielectric loss values of C1 and C2 can be automatically tested, but also the total capacitance and dielectric loss values of CVT equipment can be tested.

6、It has the function of CVT variable ratio measurement.

7、Grounding protection function

8、Electric shock protection function