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Insulating oil dielectric strength tester | Influence of transformer oil on testing instrument


Insulating oil is widely used in high-voltage electrical equipment such as transformers, oil circuit breakers, oil filled cables, power capacitors and bushings. Its functions are as follows:

1. Insulation effect. Immerse and protect the solid insulation of transformers, cables, capacitors, etc., fill the air bubbles in the insulation, prevent the invasion of air or moisture, and ensure its reliable insulation.

2. Cooling effect. It can play a good role in cooling electrical equipment such as transformers.

3. Arc extinguishing effect. The insulating oil in the oil circuit breaker not only has the insulating effect, but also has the arc extinguishing effect, enabling the circuit breaker to quickly and reliably cut off the arc.

During operation, insulation materials, such as SF6 gas or insulating oil, will gradually change in performance due to the effects of oxygen, high humidity, high temperature, sunlight, strong electric field and impurities, resulting in its failure to fully play its insulating role. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct relevant tests on insulating materials regularly to identify whether their performance has deteriorated.

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