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Maintenance of Automatic Micro Moisture Tester



Maintenance of electrolyte: Store the electrolyte in a place with good ventilation, ambient temperature less than 35 ℃, low temperature without lower limit, and relative humidity no more than 75%. Replacement of silica gel pad: The silica gel pad at the sample injection port of the micro moisture analyzer will become non contractible if it is used for too long, which will cause the water in the atmosphere to enter the titration cell and cause measurement errors. In this case, it should be replaced. Replacement of silica gel: when the silica gel in the drying tube changes from blue to light blue or red, replace it with a new one.


Maintenance of the grinding mouth of the titration cell: The grinding mouth connection of the titration cell should be rotated within about a week. If it can not be easily rotated, it should be carefully removed, the grinding mouth and socket should be cleaned, and a thin layer of vacuum grease should be reapplied. Note: It is not easy to apply too much vacuum grease, otherwise it will enter the titration cell and cause measurement error. If the inspection is not carried out in a timely manner, the vacuum grease will harden if the time is too long, and the parts connected by the grinding mouth may stick and cannot be disassembled. Therefore, they should be maintained regularly to make them easy to disassemble and clean.


Bonding treatment for the grinding mouth of titration cell: if the grinding mouth of titration cell is firmly bonded together and it is difficult to disassemble, handle according to the procedure: drain the electrolyte in the titration cell and wash it clean. Inject a small amount of acetone around the grinding joint, and then gently rotate the parts at the grinding joint by hand to remove them.
If it still cannot be disassembled, please put the titration cell into a 2L beaker and slowly add 5% potassium chloride solution to soak it. The liquid level must be very careful. Do not let the lead sleeve ends of the measuring electrode and cathode chamber electrode enter the liquid. After soaking for about 10 hours or 24 hours, it can be disassembled. This method can be repeated.