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Product delivery PS-1006 Six cup breakdown voltage tester


1、5.4 LCD display, Chinese menu is convenient for man-machine conversation, with temperature and humidity measurement and clock display function.
2、The operation is simple, and automatically complete the operation of boosting, holding, stirring, static setting, calculation, data storage and print output.
3、It has the function of power outage and can save test results automatically.
4、It has the functions of overvoltage, overcurrent, limit and earthing alarm, so as to ensure the personal safety of the operator.
5、The unique waveform setting function eliminates the interference of harmonic wave to accurate measurement.
6、CPU and PLC are used to ensure the stability and reliability of the instrument.
7、With 232 interface and Bluetooth function, it is convenient to transmit data with computer.
8、The device has 232, USB, Bluetooth port and wireless transmission function to facilitate data transmission with the computer.