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PS-JSEA1 high voltage Dielectric Loss Tester


Overview of Instruments

Dielectric loss measurement is a very basic method in insulation test. It can effectively detect the whole damp deterioration and partial defects of electrical equipment insulation. It is widely used in electrical manufacturing, installation of electrical equipment, handover and preventive testing. Measurement of dielectric loss of transformer, transformer, reactor, capacitor, bushing and arrester is the most basic method to measure their insulation performance.

PS-JSEA1 Dielectric Loss Tester breaks through the traditional bridge measurement mode, adopts frequency conversion power supply technology, uses single chip 

computer and modern electronic technology to automatically convert frequency, analog/digital conversion and data operation; achieves strong anti-interference ability, fast testing speed, high accuracy, fully automatic digitization and easy operation; power supply uses high-power switching power supply, and outputs 45Hz and 55Hz pure. Chord wave, automatic pressure, can provide up to 10 kilovolts of voltage; automatic filter 50Hz interference, suitable for field testing of large electromagnetic interference such as substations. It is widely used in dielectric loss measurement of transformer, transformer, bushing, capacitor, arrester and other equipment in power industry.

Performance characteristics

1. The instrument uses Fourier transform digital filtering technology to measure capacitance, dielectric loss and other parameters. The test result has high precision and is easy to realize automatic measurement.

2. The instrument adopts frequency conversion technology to eliminate 50Hz power frequency interference in the field. Even in the environment of strong electromagnetic interference, reliable data can be measured.

3. It is easy to operate with full touch LCD. Full touch LCD screen, super full graphics operation interface, each process is very clear, operators can use without additional professional training. The whole process can be measured by touch.

4. Storage data: It is equipped with a calendar chip and a large-capacity memory, which can save the test results at any time, view the historical records at any time, and print out. The current time and storage time can be displayed and printed at any time.

5. Scientific and advanced data management: Instrument data can be exported through U disk, and can be viewed and managed on any PC by special software.

6. The instrument is easy to operate and the measurement process is controlled by microprocessor. As long as the appropriate measurement mode is selected, the measurement of data can be completed automatically under the control of microprocessor.

7. Integrated model, with standard capacitor and high voltage power supply, is convenient for field test and reduces field wiring.

8. The instrument has high accuracy and can meet the requirements of oil dielectric loss measurement. Therefore, only standard oil cup and special testing line are needed to realize oil dielectric loss measurement.

9. It has the function of low voltage shielding for reverse wiring. Under the condition of 220 kV CVT bus grounding, it can measure the dielectric loss of 110 kV reverse wiring without disconnection.

10、Can do AC voltage withstand test. It is convenient for PT and CT to do AC voltage withstanding test twice and 400V low voltage system to do voltage withstanding test.

11. It can identify the frequency of external high-voltage power supply from 40Hz to 70Hz, and allow large capacity and high voltage dielectric loss test with power frequency power supply or series resonant power supply.

12. It has the function of CVT test and can realize the self-excitation test of CVT. It can set four protection restrictions of high voltage/current and low voltage/current to ensure the safety of person and equipment.

13. When testing CVT, not only the capacitance and dielectric loss values of C1 and C2 can be automatically tested, but also the total capacitance and dielectric loss values of CVT equipment can be tested.

14. With a thermal printer, it can print out, with a calendar clock, to facilitate users to produce test reports, with U disk output.

15. With computer interface. A computer can control 32 instruments, which can be integrated into an integrated high-voltage test vehicle to realize measurement, data processing and report output.

16. Grounding protection function. When the instrument is not grounded or grounded badly, the instrument does not enter the normal procedure and does not output high voltage. Overcurrent protection function, the instrument will not be damaged when the sample is short-circuit or breakdown.

17. Electric shock protection function. When the instrument operator accidentally electric shock, the instrument will immediately cut off the high voltage to ensure the safety of the test personnel.