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Push PS-KF106v Large Color Touch Screen Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration Powder/Gas Trace Moisture Tester

Short Description:

Adopt large-screen LCD liquid crystal display with touch screen, with rich software content, Chinese character prompts for operation content, flexible and convenient man-machine dialogue, storage and printing of test results and other functions

Model No.: PS-kf106V

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Product Detail

Technical indicators

Functional Features

1、Extra colorful LCD screen,English menu

2、Dynamic online guidance,simple windows-style operation.

3、All results shown in one screen,including water content,water percentage,ppm content,reagent consumption,Dynamic color titration curve display,automatic saving titration result00s.

4、Automatic subtract floating water,automatic track of environment floating water,to secure exact final results.

5、Stepless-speed mixing PWM,select from menu.

6、Whole system is sealed,preventing escaping of poisonous gas.Automatic reagent change,automatic discharge waste water,

7、On-line parameters shown of instrument status,metre pump Output,instant time shown,3-way valve status shown,drafting volume,and other parameters shown.

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