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The company’s products will usher in a comprehensive upgrade


The company’s products are newly upgraded, showing a new look of unified style! This upgrade is not only a change in the appearance of the interface, but also our pursuit and innovation of product user experience.
Prior to this, we thoroughly studied the needs and preferences of users, and then carefully created a set of interface design language, and made all products consistent in style and operation.
No matter which of our products you’re using, you’ll find the new interface smooth, intuitive and enjoyable to use. With careful layout and optimized interaction methods, you will be able to more easily grasp the functions and operations of the product and improve work efficiency.
The unified interface design also brings better user navigation and information presentation. With consistent icons and layout, you’ll quickly find the features and information you need without extra learning and adaptation. The consistency of the interface will also reduce the learning cost for users, enabling you to learn new products more quickly.

It involves Insulating oil dielectric strength tester, Flash point tester, Water-soluble acid tester, Oil acid value tester and Dielectric loss and volume resistivity tester.

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