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Trace Moisture Analyzer丨What problems can be caused by too much moisture in lubricating oil


When the moisture in the lubricating oil reaches a certain level, it will produce the following quality problems

1. Reduce the quality of lubricating oil. The main components of lubricating oil are base oil and various additives. The additives in lubricating oil are generally organic compounds. Detergents and dispersants, anti-wear agents, preservatives, etc. are all surfactants, which are easy to form micelles, thus causing the additives to fail.

2. Reduce the lubricating ability. The deterioration of the base oil and the failure of additives in lubricating oil reduce the thickness and stiffness of the oil film, which in turn reduces the load-bearing capacity of the oil film. When water is subjected to high temperature and high pressure, it is easy to cause the formation and rupture of small air bubbles, causing cavitation wear and reducing the lubricating performance of the oil.

3. Cause equipment wear, corrosion and rust. The water in the lubricating oil and the air act together on the steel parts, and it is easy to have an electrochemical corrosion reaction, which causes the parts to rust. Certain elements in lubricating oil additives combine with the water in the oil to create an acid attack that can cause corrosion and rust to the components of the oil system.

4. Promote the formation of sludge. Moisture can also react with impurities in lubricating oil, such as iron filings, to form iron soap, which forms sludge with larger particles in the oil, such as gum. These sludges accumulate in the oil circuit system, resulting in insufficient oil supply to the friction surface, accelerating the wear of the parts and reducing the service life of the machinery.