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Application And Development Of Current Generators For Buyers To Know


A current generator is an electronic measuring instrument that can be used to measure the magnitude and direction of electrical current. It can be used to measure current in power systems, detect faults in circuits, and help circuit designers better debug circuits. In addition, it can be used to measure current in power systems and detect faults in circuits. The current monitor is accurate, stable and reliable, and has a variety of measurement functions. It can accurately measure the size and direction of current, and can monitor leakage and short circuit conditions in the circuit. It has high measurement accuracy, can accurately measure the size and direction of current, and can detect leakage and short circuit conditions in the circuit. In addition, it has good anti-interference ability and can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference, thus improving the accuracy of measurement.

Uses of high current generators:

High current generator is mainly used to test the maximum working voltage and working current that various electrical equipment and electrical components can withstand under specified conditions. It can also be used to conduct related tests on various electrical equipment and electrical components.

Compared with ordinary ammeters,a high current generator has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability, powerful functions, and easy use. It also has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation, and reliable performance.


Primary current injection testers role in electrical system

Why use a primary current injection tester to measure the circuit resistance of a circuit breaker?

1. In the preventive tests and switching tests of the power supply system, many high-current electrical equipment require accurate measurement of the resistance of the circuit. Circuit breaker is an important electrical device in the power system. The national standard GB and the electric power industry standard DL/T stipulate that the circuit breaker resistance loop resistance should be measured using the DC voltage drop method, and the current should not be less than 100A.

2. The resistance of the conductive circuit of the circuit breaker mainly depends on the contact resistance between the moving contacts and the static contacts of the circuit breaker. The existence of contact resistance will increase the loss when the conductor is energized, thereby increasing the temperature at the contact, and the value of this value directly affects the current carrying capacity during normal operation, thereby affecting the short-circuit cutting ability. Circuit current is measured in degrees. Therefore, the resistance value of each phase of the circuit breaker is important data for the installation, maintenance and quality acceptance of the circuit breaker.

Current generators in modern times

In order to save space and simplify the testing process, a lightweight handheld current generator has now appeared.Main feature of current generator protable

● Current and time can be set;

● The output time can be measured based on the output current on and off;

● Small size, light weight, easy to hold;

●Using large-capacity lithium battery with long service life;

● With manual engineering design, it is easy to grasp;

● High output accuracy and strong load capacity;

●Double-gear design ensures output accuracy;

●The output gear automatically switches according to the set value;

● Quick plug-in wiring, easy to use.

Reliable China current generator manufacturer

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