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PUSH PS-DL10 Buy High Ac Large Current Generator Primary Current Injection Price

Short Description:

PS-DL10 high current generator (referred to as current booster) adopts numerical control technology and has strong anti-interference ability. The converter made of iron core has the advantages of large output power, small size and light weight. Mainly used for thermal relay, motor protector, contactor, circuit breaker, air switch, switchgear, circuit breaker, protection screen calibration; used for primary busbar protection and the transformation ratio of various current transformers, etc. It is widely used in scientific research, production and electrical test sites of electric power, railway, petrochemical, metallurgy and mining enterprises.

Model No.: PS-DL10

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Product Detail

The Main Function

●Can output 0~2500A current for a long time

●The action time of the test equipment can be synchronized

●Automatic identification of normally open and normally closed contacts

●Several calibrations can be connected in series at the same time to improve work efficiency

●Directly display the test values of primary current and secondary current, which is convenient for test observation and recording.

Technical Parameters

NAME PS-DL10High current generator
Environmental group It belongs to group III instruments in
GB6587.1-86 “General Outline of Environmental Testing of Electronic Measuring Instruments”
(can be used in outdoor environment)
Input AC 50Hz, 380V
Output Single-phase 0-2500.00A AC current; the
current can be adjusted smoothly and continuously, and the accuracy is higher than
The output current is a standard sine wave, the burr is small, which is better than
the power system requirements, and the ripple coefficient is less than 0.3%
output current mode True RMS continuously adjustable
output waveform standard sine wave
Output opening voltage 5V
Current accuracy Each current can be adjusted smoothly and continuously, and the
accuracy is higher than 0.5. The current and voltmeter display is a true effective value,
with high accuracy and high stability
Current stability 0.1%
Current waveform distortion THD 1%
Protection settings overcurrent, overvoltage
The current action time of the tested element can be measured, and the locking
action time can be recorded synchronously. Normally open and normally closed contacts are
automatically discriminated
Timing range 0. 0001S—9999.9999S,
precision 0. 0001S
power 10000VA



Performance Characteristics

●Voltage and current six-and-a-half-digit liquid crystal display, higher display accuracy, more accurate experimental results

●128*64 dot matrix liquid crystal display, display data is more intuitive and reading is faster

●Instrument display lock function, especially for more accurate and faster readings in transformer ratio experiments

●485 communication function, experimental results can be uploaded directly or stored in U disk instead of manual recording

●Polarity measurement, automatic measurement of transformer polarity, no need for separate experiments

●Chronograph 0.1mS-999999.9mS LCD display

●The beautiful and elegant PVC panel is used to make the panel more resistant to dirt and wear

●High measurement accuracy 0.5 class

●High power, small size, strong load capacity

●Small size and light weight, the volume is only 30% to 70% of similar products, and it is very convenient to carry.

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