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ASTM D92 Full Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Apparatus For Insulating Oil Tester Cleveland

Short Description:

PS-KS403 Automatic flash tester is used to determine the opening flash point value of petroleum products. It adopts foreign advanced technology, uses touched screen replacing of typed keyboard, large LCD screen, without logo button prompts and so on. It is widely used in railway, aviation, electric power, oil industry and scientific research departments, etc.

Model No.: PS-KS403

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Product Detail


Conform to the standard: astm d92 GB/T3536 GB/T267
Display mode: High definition color touch screen
Range: 40~400℃
Resolving power: 0.1℃
Accuracy: ±2℃
Repeatability: ±3℃
Reproducibility: ≤5℃
Ambient temperature: 5~40℃
Relative humidity: 10%~85%
Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz±5%
Power: 550W



●The new high speed digital signal processor has high reliability and high reliability;

●Testing, opening, ignition, alarm, cooling, printing, the whole process of the experiment is completed automatically;

●Two modes of platinum electric hot wire and gas ignition;

●Automatic test of atmospheric pressure, automatic correction of test results;

●Using the newly developed high power high frequency switching power supply, the heating efficiency is high and the adaptive PID control algorithm is adopted to automatically adjust the temperature rise curve;

●The temperature exceeds the value automatically to stop detection and alarm;

●The thermosensitive micro printer makes the printing more beautiful and faster, and has the function of offline printing.

●Time – marked history records, up to 500;

●The Centennial calendar clock with temperature compensation is accurate, records the date and time automatically, and can run for more than 10 years in the state of power loss;

●320 x 240 large screen graphics LCD display screen, Chinese character display interface, rich content;

●The full screen touch key is used, and the operation is intuitionistic and convenient;

●Multiple execution standards are built to choose.

Platinum ignition head has long service life and is not easy to damage

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