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Automatic Interface Surface Tension Tester Du Nouy Ring Oil Interfacial Tensiometer

Short Description:

The interfacial tensiometer is applicable to the GB/T6541 standard. The force between molecules forms the interfacial tension or surface tension of the liquid. The magnitude of the tension value can reflect the physical and chemical properties of the liquid and its material composition. It is one of the important indicators for the inspection of product quality in related industries. . PS-ZL203 is based on the ring method (platinum ring method), which measures the surface tension of various liquids (liquid-gas phase interface) and the interfacial tension of liquids (liquid-liquid phase interface).

Model No.: PS-ZL203

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Product Detail

Functions and Characteristics

The original fast response electromagnetic force balance sensor is used to improve the side precision and linearity. The calibration of the instrument is only a point to be calibrated, which solves the defect that the previous generation of sensors need multi point calibration, and eliminates the zeroing potentiometer and the full range potentiometer. The value of the equivalent tension and the current weight are displayed in real time. Integrated temperature detection circuit, automatic temperature compensation for the result of measurement; 240*128 dot matrix LCD display, no identification key, with screen protection function; A time – marked history record with up to 255 data stored. Built in high speed thermosensitive printer, printing beautiful, fast, with offline printing function.

Technical Indicators

name indicators
Measuring range 0-200mN
Accuracy 0.1%reading±0.1mN/m
sensitivity 0.1mN/m
resolving power 0.1mN/m
supply voltage AC220V±10%
power frequency 50Hz±2%
power ≤20W
applicable temperature 10~40℃
applicable humidity <85%RH
width*high*depth 200mm*330mm*300mm
net weight ~5kg

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