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How to choose a transformer turn ratio tester?


How to choose a suitable transformer ratio tester?

According to the requirements for transformer ratio, polarity, and wiring group tests, the testing instruments and instruments should be able to meet the requirements for measuring wiring methods, testing voltage, testing accuracy, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to select the main parameters of the testing instruments.

(1) The accuracy of the instrument should not be lower than level 0.5.

(2) The lead sectional area of Voltmeter shall not be less than 1.5 mm².

(3) Automatic testers require high accuracy and high input impedance. This way, the instrument can display error information under incorrect working conditions, with good data stability and anti-interference performance, and synchronous sampling of primary and secondary signals.

In the production process of semi-finished and finished products of power transformers, before the newly installed transformers are put into operation and in accordance with the preventive testing regulations of the Ministry of Electric Power of the People’s Republic of China, it is required to conduct turn to turn ratio or voltage ratio tests on the running transformers. This can check the correctness of the transformer turn to turn ratio, the condition of the tap changer, whether the transformers have inter turn short circuits, and whether the transformers can operate in parallel. The traditional transformer ratio bridge reading is not intuitive and can only be measured phase by phase for conversion. The PS-BB103 transformer ratio tester overcomes the shortcomings of traditional transformer ratio bridge testing, and the operation is simple and intuitive. It uses a three-phase precision inverter power supply, which is fast in testing and high in accuracy.

Functional characteristics
1. The instrument adopts a three-phase precision inverter power supply internally, which eliminates the harmonic impact of the mains voltage during measurement and makes the measurement more accurate. When the working power supply is the generator, there is no impact.
2. By using three-phase output voltage to improve testing speed, the angle between phases can be measured, and the wiring group 0-11 can be automatically identified. For low voltage rectifier transformers with multiple windings, the low voltage side does not need to be disconnected, and the transformation ratio and angle deviation of 7.5 ° can be measured.
3. Suitable for a wide variety of transformers, especially suitable for measuring Z-type transformers, rectifier transformers, grounding transformers, electric furnace transformers, phase-shifting transformers, balance transformers, and other transformers.
4. Equipped with high and low voltage reverse connection protection, transformer inter turn short circuit protection, tap changer off/off protection, output full short circuit protection, and increased instrument stability.
5. After inputting the rated parameters, the transformer ratio, error value, and tap changer position can be automatically measured, especially for tap changer with asymmetric tap changer. The accurate position of the transformer tap changer can also be accurately measured, with a maximum of 99 tap changer positions.
6. It adopts a 7-inch high-definition color touch screen LCD, with modular display and clear display under strong light.
7. The instrument not only has print output, U disk interface, but also can be equipped with RS232 interface, which is convenient for Paperless office office.
8. Adopting a multifunctional engineering plastic box that is cold and temperature resistant, sealed and waterproof, anti drop and shockproof, making it easy for field testing.

Technical parameter
1. Test range: variable ratio -0.9 to 10000 degrees -0 to 360 degrees
2. Ratio accuracy: ± 0.1%+2 words (0.9-500)
± 0.2%+2 words (501-2000)
± 0.5%+2 words (2001 10000)
3. Angle accuracy: ± 0.2 °
4. Output voltage: automatically adjusted according to load
5. Resolution: Ratio – minimum 0.0001, angle -0.01 °
6. Working power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50 ± 1Hz
7. Environmental temperature: -10 ℃~40 ℃
8. Relative humidity: ≤ 85%, no condensation
9. Overall dimensions: Host: 360 * 290 * 170 (mm) Cable box: 360 * 290 * 170 (mm)
10. Weight: Host 5KG Wire box: 5.5KG