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Oil Filter working principle and classification


The oil filter is a filter device that removes mechanical impurities, oxidation by-products and moisture from impure oil by gravity, centrifugal, pressure, vacuum distillation, mass transfer and other technical methods. The oil filter is mainly used to improve the cleanliness of mechanical and electrical oil, so that it can play the best performance and prolong the service life of the equipment

Function and principle

Oil filter, also known as oil filter, oil purifier. Its function is to filter and purify the contaminated oil, restore or improve the properties of the oil itself. Including oil cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, viscosity, flash point, dielectric strength, color, etc., and can effectively remove impurities in oil to ensure safe operation of oil-using equipment.

Inside it is a rotor with twin jet nozzles that only needs the pressure generated by the oil to provide its driving force. After the equipment is turned on, the oil in the oil tank is sent to the rotor through the pump, and when the rotor is filled with standby oil, it is sprayed out along the oil nozzle at the lower part of the turntable, thereby generating driving force to make the rotor rotate at high speed. Its rotational speed can reach above 4000-6000r.p.m, and the force generated is more than 2000 times that of gravity. The principle of centrifugal force directly drives the impurities to be separated from the oil.


(1) According to the principle of oil filter, it can be divided into:
1. Plate and frame oil filter.

2. Vacuum oil filter.

3. Coalescing and sedimentation oil filter.

4. Centrifugal separation oil filter.

5. Electrostatic adsorption oil filter.

6. ZTS integrated purification equipment.

7, stainless steel oil filter.

8. Automatic slag discharge oil filter machine, bag type oil filter machine.
(2) According to the different functions of the oil filter, it can be divided into:
1. Oil purifiers for filtering impurities, such as plate and frame oil purifiers, filter oil purifiers, automatic slag-discharging oil purifiers, and bag-type oil purifiers.

2. Oil filter for filtering impurities, moisture and gas, such as vacuum oil filter and bag filter.

3. Restore the color of crude products and regenerate the oil filter. For example, vibration slag removal decolorization oil filter, automatic slag removal oil filter and so on.

4. Including the above functions, the filtered product is an oil filter that has passed the inspection of the national new oil standard (GB).

Scope of application

Mainly applicable to mining, metallurgy, petroleum, railway, machinery, chemical industry, textile, cement, power plant, instrumentation and other departments. It plays a great role in the purification and regeneration of various industrial lubricating oils that are polluted and deteriorated, prolongs the maintenance cycle and service life of equipment, and reduces production costs. It can effectively remove pollutants in oil products such as water, water-soluble acids, alkalis, mechanical impurities, etc., and improve the kinematic viscosity, flash point and emulsification of oil products. Make the oil quickly recover to the required performance, close to or meet the corresponding national new oil standard.