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Transformer oil


Transformer oil, also known as insulating oil, is a type of mineral oil used as a coolant and insulating material in electrical transformers. It is crucial to the functioning of transformers, as it helps to dissipate the heat generated by the transformer’s core and windings, while also insulating the electrical components.

Transformer oil is made from high-quality crude oil, which is processed to remove impurities and increase its dielectric strength. The dielectric strength of transformer oil is essential to prevent electrical breakdowns and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the transformer.

In addition to its insulating properties, transformer oil is also designed to be stable at high temperatures, resist oxidation, and provide excellent heat transfer properties. This is important because transformers generate a significant amount of heat, which must be dissipated to prevent damage to the equipment.

Despite its importance, transformer oil can degrade over time due to factors such as temperature, moisture, and contamination. Regular testing and maintenance are required to ensure that the oil remains in good condition and that the transformer continues to operate safely and efficiently.

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