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PS-3420 High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester

Short Description:

insulation resistance tester, also known as megohmmeter, high voltage megohmmeter, high voltage insulation resistance tester, etc., is specially used for insulation testing in laboratory or on-site.

Model No.: PS-3420

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Product Detail


It is suitable for measuring the resistance value of various insulating materials and the insulation resistance of transformers, motors, cables and electrical equipment. The digital insulation resistance meter is composed of medium and large-scale integrated circuits, including a high-precision micro-current measurement system, a digital boost system, and an automatic discharge circuit. You only need to connect the DUT with a high-voltage line and a signal line to measure.The rated output test voltage range is 250V~5000V, and the insulation resistance measurement range is 0.01MΩ~5.00TΩ. The DC voltage measurement range is 0V~1000V DC, and the AC voltage measurement range is 0V~750V AC.

Technical Specifications

Insulation resistance measurement range and accuracy

The output voltage Measuring range precision
250V(15%)DC 0.01MΩ~2.50GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
2.50GΩ~250 GΩ ±15%rdg±5dgt
500V(10%)DC 0.01MΩ~5.00GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
±3%rdg±5dgt ±15%rdg±5dgt
1000V(10%)DC 0.01MΩ~10.00GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
10.00GΩ~1.00 TΩ ±15%rdg±5dgt
2500V(10%)DC 0.01MΩ~25.0GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
25.0GΩ~2.50 TΩ ±15%rdg±5dgt
5000V(10%)DC 0.01MΩ~50.0GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
50.0GΩ~5.00 TΩ ±15%rdg±5dgt

AC and DC Voltage Range and Accuracy

Measuring voltage Measuring range Accuracy
AC voltage 0.01V~750V ±2%rdg±3dgt
DC voltage 0.01V~1000V ±2%rdg±3dgt

1. LCD 2. LINE interface 3. GUARD interface 4. EARTH interface 5. V voltage test interface 6. Function button

7. Test key and test indicator light 8. Turntable switch 9. USB interface10. Charging port 11. High voltage rod port

12. High voltage rod 13. High voltage rod clip14. High voltage rod hook 15. High voltage rod lead wire 16. Test wire clip

17. Test wire

Packing List

instrument 1
tool kit 1
High voltage test rod (line length: 3 meters) 1
high voltage test rod clip 1
high voltage test rod hook 1
Test lead with clip (length: 3 meters) Black, green and red one each
16.8V charger 1
Data software (electronic version) 1
USB communication line 1
User manual, warranty card, certificate 1


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