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The working principle of open flash point tester and closed flash point tester


The flash point is the lowest temperature at which a flammable liquid or solid can give off sufficient vapour to form a flammable mixture with air at the surface of the liquid or solid in the container used. The flash point of a flammable liquid varies with its concentration.

As the temperature increases, the vaporized oil and gas on the fuel surface increases. When the mixture of oil and gas and air reaches a certain concentration, when it comes into contact with it with an open flame, a short flash will occur (flicker and extinguish), and the oil temperature at this time is called for the flash point. The lighter the oil, the lower the flash point. The higher the flash point, the safer it is.

There are two methods for determining the flash point: the open cup method and the closed cup method. The result measured by the open cup is called the open flash point.(PS-KS403 Automatic Open Flash Point Tester); The result measured by the closed cup method is called closed flash point, (PS-BS303A automatic closed flash point tester). The open flash point is always higher than the closed flash point, because the oil vapor generated by the open flash point tester can freely diffuse into the air, and it is relatively difficult to reach the temperature that can be flashed. The flash point measured by the open cup method is 15-25 °C higher than that of the closed cup method.

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