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What is the function of transformer oil?



Transformer oil is a popular name, and the correct name of transformer oil is mineral insulating oil or transformer insulating oil.

Transformer oil usually produces 10# from paraffin base oil, 25# from intermediate base oil, and 25# and 45# from naphthenic base oil according to the GB2536 industry standard. Transformer oil is called ordinary transformer oil.

The so-called 10#, 25#, 45# are divided according to their pour point. Usually 10# transformer oil is made of paraffin base oil after dewaxing by ketone benzene-solvent refining-white clay supplementary refining, when the freezing point reaches below -10℃, it is used as -10# transformer oil raw material; when using intermediate or paraffin-based After the raw material is dewaxed by ketone benzene-solvent refining-white clay supplementary refining, when the freezing point reaches below -25℃, it can be used as 25# transformer oil; when naphthenic oil is used as the raw material of transformer oil, ketone benzene dewaxing is not required. Transformer oil raw material with freezing point lower than -45°C can be directly obtained by atmospheric distillation.

Therefore, 45# transformer oil can only be produced from naphthenic oil. When using naphthenic oil to produce 25# transformer oil, the freezing point of the obtained transformer oil is usually -30℃~-45℃.

The ultra-high voltage transformer oil produced according to the industry standard SH0040 is called 25# and 45# ultra-high voltage transformer oil.

The main uses of transformer oil are:

1. As a coolant: dissipate the heat generated when the transformer is working.

2. As an electrical insulating medium: remove the air and other gases between the conductors and the gaps of the solid insulating material, and play an insulating and protective role on the coil.

3. As an arc quencher: switch the load chamber to extinguish the sparks generated between the contact points.
Transformer oil often acts as an insulating and arc extinguishing agent in control protectors and circuit breakers, and is used as an insulating agent in insulating pipes to insulate car ignition plug coils. Although transformer oil has played an important role, the polychlorinated biphenyls in it have attracted people’s attention to environmental pollution and food pollution.