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Three Cup Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester

Short Description:

The three-cup insulating oil dielectric strength tester is used to test the dielectric strength value of various insulating oils. Comply with astm d1816 astm d877 standard. It can test six kinds of oil samples at the same time, which is convenient and quick, and the results are accurate. Three kinds of electrode heads can be selected, flat electrode, spherical electrode and hemispherical electrode, to meet your various needs.

Model No.: PS-1003

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Product Detail

Functions and Characteristics

1、The instrument is designed for three cups.
2、5.4 inch LCD display, Chinese menu man-machine dialogue is convenient, with temperature, humidity measurement and clock display function.
3、The operation is simple, and it automatically completes the operation of lifting, holding, stirring, static setting, calculation, data storage and printing and output.
4、It has the function of power loss and storage, and the test results can be saved automatically.
5、 It has the function of overvoltage, over current, limit and grounding alarm to ensure the personal safety of the operator.
6、The unique waveform setting function eliminates the interference of the harmonic to the accurate measurement.
7、Controlled by dual CPU and PLC security instrument is stable and reliable.
8、Has 232 interface and Bluetooth function, convenient data transmission and computer.


Name Indicators
Output voltage: 0~80 kV(0-100KV can be set)
THDu <1%
Pressure rate 2.0~3.5 kV/s(Δ = 0.5 kV/s)
Booster capacity 1.5 kVA
Measurement accuracy ±2%
Supply voltage AC 220 V ±10%
Power frequency 50 Hz ±2%
Power 200 w
Applicable temperature 0~45℃
Applicable humidity <85 % RH
Width * height * depth 410×390×375 (mm)
Net weigh ~ 32 kg




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