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Automatic Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer

Short Description:

PS-KF106V1 automatic fast Karl Fischer moisture analyzer is an automatic analytical instrument for measuring moisture content by Karl Fischer volumetric titration. The instrument is an ideal moisture detection instrument for production and scientific research.
Applicable standards: GB6238, GB11146, GB11133 and other 20 national standards

Model No.: PS-kf106

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Product Detail

Technical indicators


measuring range:30ppm-100%

moisture Display Resolution:1ppm

repeatability of water titration:≤0.01

capacity error:≤±0.002

instrument burette capacity:>25ml


linear correlation coefficient of water titration:≥0.998

Functional Features

1、based on karl-Fischer theory,this analyzer is a minim water analyzer。

2. The instrument consists of advanced and accurate metrical pump and 3-way diversion valve.

3. The liquid circuit is made up of special material that is anti-corrosion and can endure long time usage

4. This system of instrument is well airproof.

5. It can automatically load and inject, discharge the waste liquid, and automatically titrate

6. Titrate value can be displayed in digit on LED screen.

7. This analyzer can be used in the fields of medicine, petrochemistry, chemical reagent, food,tobacco and other fields.

8. This analyzer has advanced technology, novel structure, reliable reading, convenient operation and stable function.

9、it can titrate water content not only in liquid but also in solid material


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