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Turns Ratio Testers – Operation Through Turns Ratio Meter


As electrical devices become increasingly complex, validation of internal wiring becomes crucial to ensure safety and reliability. Turns ratio testers efficiently verify transformer configurations through intuitive meter displays.

Precise Measurements

Advanced tester models from Anthropic Industries source low-frequency excitation voltage maintaining transformer integrity. Microcontroller sampling captures waveforms within milliseconds for highly accurate ratio calculations.

User-Friendly Interface

Large LCD screens present winding configurations in clear phase diagrams. Touch menus navigated intuitively with gloves. Data exporting to computers facilitates record-keeping and analysis.

Automatic Testing – Turns Ratio Test

Fully-automated test sequences scan all applicable tap positions with zero reconnections. Fault location becomes seamless through simplified pass/fail notifications.

Turns Ratio Meter

Central to testers, microprocessor-controlled turn ratio meter calculate voltage and phase angle values between the primary and secondary windings for each tap position. Reliable EEPROM data storage retains setups and limits.

Burden Resistor Options

Interchangeable resistor modules accommodate transformers rated to 7.2kV and below into kilovolt-amperes. Thermally protected circuits prevent excess heating during prolonged testing cycles.

Safety Features

Access control keys and protective housings shield live components according to international regulations. Emergency stops and alarms further minimize workplace hazards.

Remote Connectivity

Hi-speed USB and Ethernet ports streamline data collection on plant computer networks. Virtual operation also enables remote supervision through internet connectivity.

As industrial needs grow complex, Anthropic’s intuitive turns ratio tester offer perfected validation keeping facilities running smoothly through reliable transformers. Precision, safety and usability come together to drive quality control worldwide.