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PS-BB500A Transformer Turns Ratio Tester Transformer Ttr Tester

Short Description:

transformer ratio tester uses 32-bit ARM core as the processing core to control the whole machine. Turn ratio measurement of single-phase or three-phase transformers at one time. The instrument operation adopts English menu display, which is simple and intuitive. The test results are accurate and reliable, and the test results can be stored and printed. Strong anti-interference ability. It can meet the transformation ratio test needs of various large, medium and small transformers.

Model No.: PS-BB500A

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Product Detail

Instrument parameters Technical index Instrument parameters Technical index
Measuring range 0.9~10000 The output voltage AC180V/60V
Instrument power AC220V±10%、
measurement accuracy 0.9~500
Instrument weight 4Kg Operating temperature -10℃~40℃
Dimensions 345 mm×245 mm×225 mm environment humidity <80



1, Fast test speed, high precision and good repeatability.
2, With Z-shaped connection transformer test function.
3, Can automatically test the transformation ratio and group number.
4, One-time start can automatically measure the winding ratio and calculate the ratio error, tap position, tap value, polarity and
other parameters.
5, The measurement results can be automatically stored. The instrument has a built-in memory and micro printer, which can print
all data.
6, Color screen display menu, intuitive and convenient operation.
7, The instrument is small and light, suitable for field operation.
8, Blind test function

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