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Hydrogen Generator Gas Chromatography Test Kit

Short Description:

PS-300 High Purity Hydrogen Generator employs the latest technology to satisfy various models of gas chromatographs, which are manufactured by domestic and aboard manufactures.

Its pressure control adopts high sensitive fuzzy control and automatic tracking system to make the precision range of the pressure stability less 0.001MPa. It not only makes stable hydrogen pressure and flow, but also extends the lifetime of the instrument.

Its electrolytic cell utilizes transient metal element catalytic technology and process multi-stage purification. There are two filters providing with the instrument. The hydrogen purity can be reached up to: oxygen content : less 3PPM, water content dew point temperature :-56℃.

Model No.: PS-300

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Product Detail


1– Purified tube 6– Liquid bucket of electrolytic solution
2– Upper limit indication of electrolytic solution 7– Outlet port of hydrogen
3– Indicator of working pressure 8– Cable of power supply
4– Hydrogen digital flow indicator 9– Indicating lamp of electrolytic solution
5– Low limit indication of electrolytic solution 10– Switch of power supply


Main Technical Parameter

Hydrogen purity 99.999% Oxygen content<3PPM, Water content dew point -56
Hydrogen flow 0-300ml/min
Output pressure 0-4Kg/cm2 (about 0.4Mpa)
Pressure stability < 0.001MPa
Power supply 220V±10%, 50HZ
Consumption power 150W
Ambient temperature 1-40
Relative humidity < 85%
Outer dimension 360×200×260mm
Net weight About 10Kg.


Features of instrument

1.Program control: The specialized chip is used in the control system of the instrument. All working process of the instrument will be completed by the program control. The automatic constant voltage, constant current and hydrogen flow can be automatically adjusted in the range of 0-300ml/min according to the requirements.

2.Low humidity of hydrogen production: The film separating technique and effective de-humidity device are used in the system, so the original humidity is more reduced. The multi-polar absorption is adopted to make the hydrogen humidity reaching up to -56℃ of dew point temperature..

3.Easy operation: Only switch on the power supply if the hydrogen is required. It can be used continuously or at intervals, the hydrogen production is very stable without the attenuation.

4.Safe and reliable: The safe device is equipped with the system, sensitive and reliable.

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