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Transformer Breakdown Voltage Tester Oil Cup

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Oil cup for insulating oil withstand voltage tester, one-piece molding, quartz glass, specially customized, suitable for PS-1001, PS-1001B, PS-1001D, PS-1003, PS-1006

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The dielectric strength test of transformer oil is also known as breakdown voltage or BDV oil tester. It means the maximum capacity to withstand voltage of insulating oil. So the unit of BDV oil tester is Kilo-volt. Push Electrical supply customer 80KV and 100KV Transformer oil dielectric strength tester. It’s a very very important equipment for periodical test to ensure trouble-free operation of transformer. Push electrical manufacture one cup, three cups, and six cups transformer oil BDV tester in accordance with national and international standards, For example IEC60156, and American ASTM D877 and ASTM D1816 standards. The BDV oil test kit is basically a high voltage unit, maximum test voltage 80KV (regulated from 10-80KV), and 100KV can be customized. Different electrodes and oil vessel available. Now let’s have a look the single cup oil bdv testers.


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