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Oleic Acid Is A Safety Factor Needing Precise Test In Industry


There are a large number of oil-filled electrical equipment in power systems and industrial and mining enterprises. The acid value of transformer oil and turbine oil is a must-measure routine inspection item.

Oleic acid is an important indicator for testing the properties and status of oil. Nowadays, automated machines for testing oleic acid have been widely used. China also has manufacturers that specialize in producing oleic acid testers,and among them Push is a leading one.

Why should we test the acidity of oil?

The Oleic Acid Tester is used to measure the acid value of oil products for the following main purposes:

(1) Determine the content of acidic substances in oil

The higher the acidity, the more acidic substances the oil contains. The content of acidic substances in oils and fats varies with the nature of the crude oil and the degree of oil refining.

(2) Determine the corrosiveness of oil to metals

The organic acid content in oil is small and will not corrode metal when there is no moisture and low temperature, but it will corrode metal when the content increases and there is moisture. The smaller the relative molecular mass of the organic acid, the greater the acidity and the stronger the corrosive ability.

(3) Oil performance

Too high acidity in the oil not only affects the color, but also produces harmful gases after burning, corroding machine parts and polluting the environment. The acidity of diesel fuel has a great influence on the working conditions of the engine. Diesel with high acidity will increase engine carbon deposits, cause piston wear, cause fuel injector combustion, and affect zero performance and combustion patterns.

(4) Determine the degree of deterioration of lubricating oil during use

After the lubricating oil has been in the oil for a period of time, it will oxidize and deteriorate due to the action of heat and oxygen, adding acidic substances, which will not only corrode the equipment, but also affect the performance of the lubricating oil. When the acid value exceeds a certain limit, new oil should be replaced.

An efficient and labor-saving oleic acid testing tool

The Transformer Oil Acid Value Test Kit is an instrument specially used to measure the acid value of transformer oil and turbine oil. Transformer Oil Acid Value Test Kit is based on a single-chip microcomputer and integrates light, machinery, electricity and chemistry, completely replacing manual operation. Transformer Oil Acid Value Test Kit can automatically realize functions such as multi-sample switching, titration, titration end point determination, automatic cleaning, automatic blow-drying, etc. The system is stable and reliable, with a high degree of automation , greatly improving work efficiency, greatly reducing the labor intensity of staff, and minimizing the harm of organic solvents and chemicals to the human body. Transformer Oil Acid Value Test Kit is very convenient to use and is very popular among oil workers.

Benefits of Insulation Oil Acid Value Tester

Insulation Oil Acid Value Tester, acid value tester, a fully automatic measuring instrument that can accurately detect the acid value of transformer oil and insulating oil. While improving work efficiency and testing accuracy, it reduces operators’ contact with samples and reagents and ensures the safety of testers.

Insulation Oil Acid Value Tester replaces manual operations and improves work efficiency.

The Insulation Oil Acid Value Tester’s human-machine dialogue interface is simple and friendly, and easy to operate.

Multiple sets of measurement results can be displayed separately by Insulation Oil Acid Value Tester, and multiple measurement-related parameters can be printed out.