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Moisture Testing Standards And Equipment Of Good Bargain From China


Instruments that can detect the moisture content in various organic and inorganic solids, liquids, gases and other samples are called moisture analyzers. According to the measurement principle, they can be classified into two categories: physical measurement methods and chemical measurement methods. Commonly used physical measurement methods include weight loss method, distillation stratification method, gas chromatography analysis method, etc. Chemical measurement methods mainly include Karl Fischer method, toluene method, etc. The International Organization for Standardization refers to the Karl Fischer method. It has been set as the international standard for measuring trace moisture, and our country has also set this method as the national standard for measuring trace moisture.

Common Karl Fischer moisture analyzers mainly include volumetric Karl Fischer moisture analyzers and coulomb method (coulometric method) Karl Fischer moisture analyzers.

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Features of China Karl Fischer Trace Moisture Analyzer

The Karl Fischer moisture determination method has been recognized as the most accurate method by many international standards, such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS, and JIS. This method is suitable for the determination of moisture content of various substances. Therefore, Karl Fischer moisture analyzers applying its principle have a wide range of applications and are suitable for solid, liquid and gas samples. This instrument is based on the Karl Fischer titration method for moisture content measurement. This method uses the ion reaction generated by the reaction of water with copper sulfate and iodine to determine the moisture content in the sample through a titration process.

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1. It runs smoothly, has no noise, and is easy to repair and maintain. Operators can easily perform instrument maintenance operations.

2. The AKF-2010 Karl Fischer moisture analyzer can be equipped with a micro thermal printer, which can print analysis reports at any time.

3. The instrument can realize functions such as reagent inhalation, measurement, end-point display, solvent inhalation, waste liquid discharge, stirring and stepless speed adjustment; the instrument status, metering pump injection volume, current time, drift amount and other parameters can be displayed in real time.

4. Use ordinary Karl-Fischer reagent as the standard solution. The fully enclosed titration cell with good sealing can automatically replace the solvent and discharge the waste liquid to avoid the escape of toxic reagents and the infiltration of environmental moisture.

5. Fully automatic measurement, high-precision standard piston burette and anti-diffusion titration head to ensure high-precision potentiometric titration; the reaction endpoint is judged and displayed through the double platinum electrode polarization voltage, and the titration is automatically terminated; the measurement is simple, fast and accurate.

6. Multiple results (moisture content, percentage content, PPM content, KF reagent consumption) are displayed simultaneously, color titration is dynamically displayed, and measurement results are automatically memorized. The measurement results can be output in the format required by GLP/GMP.

Application field of Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer Content

Karl Fischer moisture analyzers are widely used in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, food, chemical industry, environmental monitoring, etc. It plays an important role in:

1. Quality control: This instrument can be used for product quality control, especially for some products that are sensitive to moisture, such as medicines and foods. By accurately measuring moisture content, product stability and quality can be ensured.

2. Research and development: In chemical research and new product development, accurate measurement of moisture content is critical to determining reaction conditions, storage requirements, and product performance. The instrument provides a reliable means of assessing the moisture content of a sample.

3.Environmental monitoring: In environmental science, the measurement of moisture content is of great significance for the study of soil, atmosphere and water bodies. It can measure trace amounts of moisture in samples and provide data support for environmental pollution monitoring and research.

Moisture Analyzer’s specific application example

Oil Moisture Test Apparatus is an instrument used to measure and detect the moisture content in oil. It uses different principles and technologies to quickly and accurately measure the moisture content in oil to evaluate the dryness and moisture contamination of the oil.

The principle of Oil Moisture Test Apparatus usually involves the following common methods: electrochemical principle, infrared absorption principle, and waste heat method. Oil Moisture Test Apparatus can complete the detection efficiently and plays an important role in detecting the quality and form of the oil.