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Ps-101 Portable Eddy Current Resistivity Conductivity Tester

Short Description:

PS-101 is a kind of eddy current electrical conductivity tester, which is designed for quick & convenient measurement of material property, such as material separate、quality control、material state cFDk and so on. It uses the electromagnetism testing principle. Testing objects focus on non-ferromagnetic material.

Model No.: PS-101

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Product Detail



●The meter uses 60 KHz (aviation industry standard) to inspirit.

●The testing data can be read in two kinds of unit: %IACS and MS/m.

●Its big typeface, the back light illumination designs are advantageous for users to take the testing data even in low light condition.

●It uses the high property battery to make sure it keeps more running time, and because of its mini-size, it is easy to carry and to grasp hold.

●The design of the meter is more advantages: user can replace the probe in the outdoor, don’t need to return to the company to adjust the probe into matching the meter.

●It can hold measurement data.


Technical Parameters

Measurement technology Eddy current
Operating frequency 60KHz
Display screen 240X320 pixels TFT-LCD
L*B*H 180*90*40 mm
180*90*40 mm Anti-intense impact, water-proofing polyester; Toolbox.
Weight 300g
conductivity standard block Verify and guarantee temperature compensation
Measuring range 0.5%IACS-110%IACS(0.29MS/m-64MS/m)
Distinguishing rate 0.01% IACS
Probe compensated 0.1~0.5mm
Measuring accuracy 0°C to 45°C

± 0.1%IACS~ 0.5%IACS

Temperature compensation Automatic compensation to the value of 20 ℃.
Normal work environment Relative humidity 0~95%
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃
Data storage Can store 1000 measurement data.
Probe 1 Diameter: 12mm
Applicable to minimum measuring area diameter at 60KHz is12mm.
Probe 2 Diameter: 8mm
Applicable to minimum measuring area diameter at 60KHz is8mm.


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