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PS-8001 Gas Chromatograph Analyzer

Short Description:

Gas chromatographic analysis technique is an analysis of multicomponent mixture separation and analysis technology. It mainly uses the difference in boiling point and polarity of sample and in the chromatographic column adsorption coefficient, so that the various components in chromatographic column can be separated and analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively.

Model No.: PS-8001

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Product Detail

The main technical indicators

operating display 192*64 periodic lattice Chinesize liquid crystal
temperature control area 6 ways
temperature Room temperature above 5 ℃ ~ 400 ℃.
Increment 1 ℃.
Accuracy ±0.1 ℃
temperature-programmed order 16 order
gas flow control mechanical valve control mode, electronic pressure and flow control mode are optional
Programming rate 0.1 ~ 40 ℃ /min
external events 4 ways
injector types Packed column, capillary, gas injection with six-port valve, automatic headspace injection, etc. are optional
detector number 4; FID、TCD、ECD、FPD optional
start sampling manual, automatic optional
communication interface Ethernet : IEEE802.3


Characteristics of PS-8001 gas chromatograph

Utilizing its strong technical development strength, it adopts brand-new industrial modeling and electronic circuits, and applies today’s IP technology to gas chromatographs. The instrument uses the latest highly integrated industrial-grade chips, bus technology, Ethernet and data processing technology, optimizes the temperature control program and gas path control, and fundamentally improves the reliability and maintainability of the instrument.


A gas chromatograph use gas as a liquid phase (carrier gas).When the sample is fed into the injector and gasified,it will get into the packed column or capillary column with the carry of carrier gas. due to the differences in boiling point, polarity and adsorption coefficient of sample the various components in column will be separated.Then detect the components by the column after the detector according to the physical and chemical characteristics of components.Finally sent it to the chromatography workstation through the local area network (or the Internet) ,recording and analysis the components of the gas chromatogram by chromatography workstation and obtain the components analysis report. The working principle diagram is shown below:


Because the method has characteristics of high separation efficiency, fast speed of analysis and less consumption of sample, so it has been widely used in petroleum chemical industry, biological chemistry, medicine and health, the health and quarantine, food inspection, environmental protection, food industry, medical and clinical departments. Gas chromatography has solved the industrial production of intermediates and quality inspection of industrial products, scientific research, environmental testing, production control and other issues in these areas.


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