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PS-BB104 Hand Held Portable Ratio Transformer TTR Turns Ratio Tester

Short Description:

With functions of turns ratio measurement and voltage TTR measurement.
With 5.6 inch LCD, the effect of data & figure display is visualized and fine.
With small size and light weight, it is easy to carry.
With built-in high capacity chargeable lithium battery. Test can be conducted without any power supply on site, and once the battery is charged fully, it can make measurement for more than 500 times continuously.

Model No.: PS-BB104

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Product Detail

Function Features

1. Input single power, internal digital combination standard sine wave test source output

2. Phase angle measurement function: measure the phase angle between high voltage side and low voltage side. Measure the turn ratio and angle of “Non integral point” transformer.

3. It can conduct single-phase measurement and three-phase winding automatic test. Three phase turn ratio value, phase angle value, error, tapping position, tapping value can be measured for once.It also can identify connecting group number automatically.

4.Testing results can be displayed in the form of digit and hexagon vector diagram, which makes transformer connecting group can be made out obviously.

5. With blind test function: There is no need to choose connecting method and group. When measuring Y/△、△/Y transformer, no external short-circuit is needed, connecting method can be shifted automatically according to the chosen testing contents.

6. With tapping test function: TTR and TTR error in the position of each tapping switch can be gauged quickly. Just input rated TTR once, instead of inputing over and over again, TTR error in tapping position can be calculated.

TTR measurement range 0.8~10000.
High measurement speed three-phase test can be completed within 40 seconds
Measurement accuracy Voltage measurement accuracy on HV side 0.05%
Voltage measurement accuracy on LV side 0.1%
Phase angle measurement accuracy 0.1°
TTR measurement accuracy 0.1%(0.8-3000)


Volume 260mm×160mm×60mm
Weight 3Kg

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