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PS-DD3D Fully Automatic High-Precision Titrator

Short Description:

Application field: used for quality testing or scientific teaching in many industries such as medicine, food, geochemistry, petrochemical, daily chemical, agriculture, environmental protection, water treatment and so on.

Model No.: PS-DD3D

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Product Detail

Instrument Features

●Choose different electrodes for acid-base titration, redox titration, complexometric titration, silver volume titration, ion concentration determination and other experiments
●With dynamic titration, equivalent titration, pH endpoint titration, pH measurement and other measurement modes.
●Statistical analysis of titration results, including mean, standard deviation, relative standard deviation, etc.
●Split design, independent mixing table.
●Has simple people login design.
●The device has 20 methods and 100 result stores.
●Can be connected to a PC workstation for data transfer.
●The quality of the instrument is reliable, the failure rate of the instrument is extremely low, and the service life is more than ten years.
●The results have high accuracy and can meet the requirements of pharmacopoeia calibration, sample repeatability and GB/T 601-2016 “chemical reagents – preparation of standard titration solutions”.
●It can be printed out, and the titration result report can be output in the format required by GLP/GMP, including laboratory, experimental time, experimental personnel, sample name, titration curve, raw data and other information.
●Process data and curve printing can be selected.
●The burette can be disassembled and replaced to meet the requirements of using different burettes for experiments with different titrants, and avoid using the same buret to contaminate reagents and cause deviations in results. The actual accuracy of the burette can reach ±10uL/10mL.

Technical Parameter

Accuracy ±0.1%
Precision ≤0.1%
Burette installation method Tool-free replacement
Burette resolution 1/20000
Burette accuracy ±10μL(10 mL)
Burette addition speed 1~99 mL /min
Measuring range ±2400 mV / ±20Ph
Resolution 0.01 mV / 0.001 pH
Indication error ±0.03 %FS / 0.005 pH
Indication repeatability ≤0.25 % / 0.002 pH
Input current ≤1×10-12 A
Input impedance ≥3×1012 Ω
Temperature and humidity measurement range 0~125℃,10~85%RH
Temperature and humidity resolution 0.1℃,1% RH
Temperature and humidity measurement error ±0.3℃,±5% RH
Titration mode Dynamic titration, equivalent titration, endpoint titration, manual titration
Measurement method pH, Potential, Ion Concentration, Temperature

*Can be customized according to demand

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