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Fully Automatic High-Precision Titrator

Short Description:

Application field: used for quality testing or scientific teaching in many industries such as medicine, food, geochemistry, petrochemical, daily chemical, agriculture, environmental protection, water treatment and so on.

Model No.: PS-DD600

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Product Detail

Instrument Features:

●High precision burette
●Digital electrodes
●Full process audit trail

Powerful Functions:

●Can complete acid-base titration, redox titration, complexometric titration, precipitation titration and non-aqueous titration experiments;
●Choose different electrodes for potentiometric titration, permanent stop titration, photometric titration, temperature titration and constant pH titration;
●With dynamic titration (DET), equal volume titration (MET), end point titration (SET), manual titration (MAT) and other functional modes.
●Supports the measurement of parameters such as pH, potential, ion concentration and temperature.

Rich Electrical Interface:

●With USB, RJ45, COM, RS232, RS485, WLAN, BNC, banana plug, aviation plug and other interfaces;
●Compatible with various digital and analog electrodes at home and abroad, supporting integrated development;
●Directly connect to the network and LIMS to realize remote login management;
●Supports a variety of external devices such as keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner, and micro-printer.

Easy to Interact

●7-inch color LCD touch screen, good graphical interface, provide rich information;
●Adopt Windows CE embedded operating system, no data redundancy for long-term use;
●Chinese operation (supports multiple languages), personalized custom operation interface, can create shortcut icons;
●Statistical analysis of data, reports can be generated and stored in pdf\txt\docx\xlsx\wps format, reports can be sent to a USB stick, workstation or printed.

High precision/high resolution

●Adopt borosilicate hard glass burette with low expansion coefficient and low temperature volume error to achieve high-precision infusion of 1/20000 burette volume, and the infusion accuracy is as high as ±10 μL (10 mL), which is better than the relevant JJG 814 and ISO 8655-2 standards. Require
●Based on a highly integrated ceramic-based measurement and control circuit, digital photometric, temperature, and potential electrodes are designed to realize in-situ photothermal signal measurement
●Using high-frequency sampling data filtering algorithm, double-precision floating-point operation mode, and high-speed operation processor to ensure ultra-high effective data bits and accurate and reliable results
●Adopt advanced neural network, PID control and other algorithms to precisely control the end point infusion process and obtain the most accurate end point value

Audit Trail

●It can meet the relevant requirements of GXP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other laws and regulations without a computer, and realize the whole process of audit trail
●With password aging management function, the operator’s identity can be confirmed through password login or biometric identification. Operators with different identities have corresponding levels of operation authority. Actions and comments for each step on the titrator are automatically stored. It can be displayed and queried in stages in the work log
●Each measurement data will be permanently saved, all data-related information, such as: operator, operation time, experimental process, equipment used, etc., can be traced back, and the modification of data is also recorded.

Technical Parameter

Accuracy ±0.1%
Precision ≤0.1%
Burette installation method Tool-free replacement
Burette resolution 1/20000
Burette accuracy ±10μL(10 mL)
Burette addition speed 1~99 mL /min
Measuring range ±2400 mV / ±20Ph
Resolution 0.01 mV / 0.001 pH
Indication error ±0.03 %FS / 0.005 pH
Indication repeatability ≤0.25 % / 0.002 pH
Input current ≤1×10-12 A
Input impedance ≥3×1012 Ω
Temperature and humidity measurement range 0~125℃,10~85%RH
Temperature and humidity resolution 0.1℃,1% RH
Temperature and humidity measurement error ±0.3℃,±5% RH
Titration mode Dynamic titration, equivalent titration, endpoint titration, manual titration
Measurement method pH, Potential, Ion Concentration, Temperature

*Can be customized according to demand

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