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PS-YC115 Transformer On-Load Tap-Changer Tester

Short Description:

The on-load tap-changer is the only moving part connected to the transformer circuit, so the detection of the on-load tap-changer is getting more and more attention. The instrument is mainly used to measure the transition waveform, transition time, transition resistance value at each moment, and three-phase synchronization of the transformer on-load tap-changer.
The instrument has a high degree of intelligence, full English menu prompts, and simple operation. The instrument is small in size, light in weight and strong in anti-interference ability, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of on-site staff. It is an ideal instrument for ensuring safe production and improving product quality in the power generation, power supply unit and transformer manufacturing industries.

Model No.: PS-YC115

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Product Detail


● The instrument has large output current and light weight;

● Test YN, Y, △-type transformers, the resistance value can be displayed directly without conversion

● Can be measured with or without winding

● The waveform display automatically adjusts the resistance value, time value and amplitude according to the sampled value

● It has perfect protection circuit and strong reliability

● 7-inch large LCD screen, easy to operate on site

● 500 sets of data can be automatically saved inside.

Technical Parameter

Output current 2.0A、1.0A、0.5A、0.2A
Measuring range Transition resistance 0.3Ω~5Ω(2.0A) 1Ω~20Ω(1.0A)
5Ω~40Ω(0.5A) 20Ω~100Ω(0.2A)
transition time 0~320ms
Open circuit voltage 24V
measurement accuracy Transition resistance ±(5%reading±0.1Ω)
transition time ±(0.1%reading±0.2ms)
sample rate 20kHz
storage method local storage
Dimensions host 360*290*170(mm)
wire box 360*290*170(mm)
Instrument weight host 6.15KG
wire box 4.55KG
ambient temperature -10℃~50℃
environment humidity ≤85%RH
Working power AC220V±10%
Power frequency 50±1Hz


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