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PS-RC Resistor-Capacitor Potential Shielding Voltage Divider Type High-Voltage Measuring Device

Short Description:

AC and DC high voltage divider

Mainly used for pulse high voltage, lightning high voltage, power frequency high voltage measurement. It has the characteristics of simple operation, intuitive display, high precision, small size, light weight, etc. It is suitable for power plants, substations, high-voltage electrical equipment manufacturers and high-voltage laboratories as an ideal equipment for high-voltage measurement.

Model No.: PS-RC

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Product Detail

Product Description

The AC-DC voltage divider is connected to the high-voltage measurement terminal through the instrument signal line, which can realize long-distance and clear reading, and is safe and convenient to use. This series of AC and DC voltage dividers has high input impedance and good linearity. It adopts special shielding technology to reduce the influence of high voltage on the displayed value, so as to achieve high stability and high linearity.

Imported filling materials are used to make the structure smaller, lighter in weight, higher in reliability and lower in internal partial discharge. Small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, it brings great convenience to the inspection work on site.


Technical Parameter

Model Voltage class AC/DC Precision Capacitance (pF) Impedance (MΩ) Signal line length
RC50kV 50kV AC:1.0%rdg±0.1DC:0.5% rdg±0.1

Other precision can be customized

450pF,600M 3m
RC100kV 100kV 200pF,1200M 4 m
RC150kV 150kV 150pF,1800M 4 m
RC200kV 200kV 100pF,2400M 4 m
RC250kV 250kV 100pF,3000M 5 m
RC300kV 300kV 100pF,3600M 6 m


Product standard DL/T846.1-2004
AC measurement method true RMS measurement, peak value (optional), average value (optional)
Accuracy AC 1.0%rdg±0.1
DC 0.5%rdg±0.1
Insulation medium dry medium material
Environmental conditions Temperature -10℃~40℃
Humidity 70%RH
Divider ratio N=1000:1




Packing List



1. JFRC-AC-DC voltage divider voltage divider barrel 1
2. LCD display head 1
3. Shielded high frequency test line 1
4. Ground wire 1
5. Charger 1
6. User Manual 1
7. Inspection report 1
8. Certificate of Qualification 1

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