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PS-BB101A Handheld Three-Phase Transformation Ratio Tester

Short Description:

The power transformer shall be regularly tested for turns ratio or voltage ratio, including semi-finished products and finished products in the production process, transformers before putting into operation and during operation in the power system. The traditional transformation ratio bridge is cumbersome to operate, the reading is not intuitive, the necessary conversion is needed, and the test results only reflect a phase transformation ratio. The instrument overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional transformation ratio bridge test, completes the three-phase transformation ratio test at one time, has fast test speed and high accuracy, and greatly improves the test efficiency.

Model No.: PS-BB101A

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Product Detail

Performance Characteristics

1 The test range is wide, up to 10000.

2 The test speed is fast, and the single-phase test is completed within 5 seconds.

3 240 * 128 color LCD screen, the interactive interface is more intuitive.

4 Z-connection transformer test.

5 It has the functions of blind measurement of transformation ratio, group test, tap position test, etc.

6 No power down clock and date display, data storage function (850 groups of test data can be stored).

7 High and low voltage reverse connection protection function.

8 Transformer short circuit and inter turn short circuit protection function.

9 Lithium battery power supply, smart and lightweight.

10 Small size, light weight and easy to carry.

Technical Indicators

range 0.9~10000
accuracy 0.1%±2numeric(0.9~500)
resolving power minimum0.0001
Output voltage 160V/10(Auto shift)
Working power supply the instrument is equipped with lithium battery
service temperature -10℃~40℃
relative humidity ≤80%,No condensation


System Introduction

(Please refer to this manual: 6.Interface introduction and operation method.)

① Color LCD: 240 × 128 dot matrix color LCD with LED backlight, English display of operation menu and test results, intuitive interactive interface and simple operation.

② Reset: Press this key to reset the whole machine and return to the initial interface.

③ Power switch: Start and shut down the instrument.

④ Function keys:Different interfaces of the instrument also have different functions.

⑤Print interface: An external micro printer can be the selected. Here is the reserved printer interface.

⑥USB communication interface: Used for data transmission (do not operate at will).

⑦USB flash disk interface: Use USB flash disk to export stored test data.

⑧Charging interface: For charging the instrument, please use the special charger equipped with the instrument.

⑨Low voltage terminal: The yellow, green and red test lines are connected with the low voltage a, b and c terminals of the transformer.

High voltage terminal: The yellow, green and red test lines are connected with the high voltage A, B and C terminals of the transformer.

Please operate according to the prompts on the display screen.

Three-Phase Transformation Ratio Tester

Safety Measures

1 Be sure to read the operating instructions carefully before using the instrument.

2 The instrument can be used indoors and outdoors, but it should avoid the environment of rain, corrosive gas and dust.

3 The instrument shall avoid violent vibration.

4 The maintenance, nursing and adjustment of the instrument shall be carried out by professionals.

5 The yellow, green and red of the test clamp correspond to A/a, B/b and C/c of the transformer respectively. Do not connect them incorrectly.

6 Do not connect the high and low voltage test lines reversely.

7 When measuring single-phase transformer, only yellow and green lines are used, and the red test line is not connected (or suspended).

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