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PS-BB103B Three-Phase Z Transformer Ttr Turn Ratio Tester

Short Description:

Adopt 7-inch high-definition color touch screen, clear under strong light, with three-phase, single-item, 7 seconds to complete three tests, Z-type measurement function, clock and date display without power failure, U disk data storage function, equipped with U port and RS232, Red, yellow and green three-color binding posts, equipped with thermal printer, measuring range: 0.9-10000

Model No.: PS-BB103B

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Product Detail

Technical Index

The display adopts large screen dot matrix LCD with menu display function and simple and intuitive operation. Read the data directly and convert it automatically. Complete the three-phase voltage ratio or turn ratio test at one time, with fast test speed and high precision.

range 0.9~10000
Accuracy ±(0.1%+2 characters) (below 500)
±(0.2%+2 characters)(500~2000)
±(0.3%+word) (above 2000)
Resolution Minimum 0.0001
The output voltage 2V、7V、100V、170V
Working power AC220V±10% 50HZ
Operating temperature –20℃~ 40℃
Relative humidity ≤85%, no condensation
Dimensions host 360*290*170(mm)
wire box 360*290*170(mm)
weight host 5.9KG
wire box 5.9KG


Functions and Characters

1.Sampling digital three-phase inverter test power supply, no harmonic content, voltage easy to adjust, start, stop to eliminate the AC220V or sampling generator power supply impact.

2. Three-phase test power supply, improve the test speed, can identify the transformer wiring group 0-11.

3. Applicable to a wide variety of transformers, with a z-shaped connection transformer test function.

4. After one input of rated parameters, transformer transformer ratio, error value and tap tap location can be automatically measured. For tap switches with asymmetric tap switches, the exact position of the tap switch can also be accurately measured. Tap switches with up to 197 tap points can be measured.

5.Protection function is perfect, with high and low voltage reverse connection protection, transformer between turns short circuit protection, output short circuit protection, increase the stability of the use of the instrument.

6 .Adopt 7 inches 65K color touch screen liquid crystal, imitate mobile phone to change liquid crystal display way, operate simply and quickly.

7. The instrument has power clock and data storage, which is convenient for viewing historical data.

8. The instrument has both print output and U disk interface, and also can be equipped with RS232 interface, which is convenient for paperless office.

9. Adopt cold and temperature resistant, sealed and waterproof, anti-fall and shockproof multi-functional engineering plastic box, which is convenient for field test.

Ttr Turn Ratio Tester

System Description

1、 Display:7 inches high definition color liquid crystal

2、 High voltage side: Connect with instrument terminal. The yellow, green and red on the other end that correspond with A, B, C three bushings.

3、 Low voltage side: Connect with instrument terminal. The yellow, green and red on the other end that correspond with a, b, c three bushings.

4、 AC220V: The power input port of the whole machine is connected to AC220V power frequency power supply.

5、 : The ground column.

6、 Communication:serial communication

7、 USB: U disk storage

8、 Printer: Print the testing results.

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