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PUSH Electrical Capacitance Inductance Tester

Short Description:

This instrument is designed for the problems existing in the measurement of high-voltage shunt capacitor banks in substations, and refers to GB3983.2-1989 “High-voltage shunt capacitors”, DL/T840-2003 “Technical conditions for the use of high-voltage shunt capacitors” and JB5346-1998 ” It is specially developed according to national standards such as “Series Reactors”, mainly for the measurement of high-voltage parallel capacitor banks and reactors of reactive power compensation devices.

Model No.: PS-RG03

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Product Detail

Functions and Characteristics

1. This instrument can measure the single capacitance of a group of parallel capacitors without removing the wires (both single-phase capacitance and three-phase capacitance can be measured). kind of use.

2. During the measurement, the instrument can display the measured capacitance value or inductance value, and can also display the measured voltage, current, power, frequency, impedance, phase angle and other data;

3. The instrument adopts a 7.0-inch 1024×600 high-definition screen, touch operation, clear observation during the day and night, Chinese menu prompts, easy to operate.

4. The instrument has built-in large-capacity non-volatile memory: it can store 200 sets of measurement data. The instrument is equipped with a U-disk interface, which can store any group of measurement data (limited by the capacity of the U-disk).

5. The instrument has built-in high-precision real-time clock function: date and time calibration can be performed.

6. The instrument comes with a high-speed micro thermal printer: it can print measurement and historical data.

Product Parameters

Test voltage AC 100V ±10%, 50Hz
AC 40V±10%, 50Hz
AC 10V±10%, 50Hz
AC 1V±10%, 50Hz
Measuring range and accuracy Measurable capacitance range 0.1uF~6000uF ±(reading 1%+0.01uF)
Measurable inductance range 50uH ~20H ±(reading 3%+0.05uH)
Measurable current range 5mA ~ 2A ±(3% of reading + 0.05mA)
Measurable resistance range 20mΩ~20kΩ ±(reading 3%+0.1mΩ)
Dimensions 365mm×285mm×170mm
Ambient temperature -20℃~40℃
Ambient humidity ≤85%RH
Working power AC220V±10%, 50±1Hz


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