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High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester

Short Description:

• Microprocessor controlled high voltage insulation resistance tester with diagnostics.
• Suitable for analyzing insulation properties of cables, transformers, motors, generators, high voltage switches, insulators, wiring devices, etc.
• 6 ranges: 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10000V, 12000V
The voltage setting can be adjusted in each range
• Large LCD display with backlight and bar graph showing changes in insulation resistance and leakage current values.
• 2 power modes of AC power supply and rechargeable battery.
• Automatic discharge and voltage output warning function.
• The memory can store up to 43,000 data.
• Waterproof and dustproof IP64

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Product Detail

Rated voltage 500V 1000V 2500V 5000V 10000V 12000V
Maximum test value 500GΩ 1TΩ 2.5TΩ 5TΩ 35TΩ
Accuracy 400k~50GΩ ±5%rdg±3dgt
800k~100GΩ 5%rdg±3dgt 2M~250GΩ ±5%rdg±3dgt 4M~500GΩ ±5%rdg±3dgt 8M~1TΩ ±5%rdg±3dgt
10T – 35TΩ
Values are displayed, but accuracy is not guaranteed
circuit current Max 5.0mA
Output rated constant voltage load resistance 0.5MΩ or more 1MΩ or more 2.5MΩ or more 5MΩ or more 20MΩ or more 24MΩ or more

The Output Voltage

Rated voltage 500V 1000V 2500V 5000V 10000V 12000V
Monitoring accuracy ±10%±20V ±10%±20V ±10%±20V ±10%±20V ±10%±20V ±10%±20V
output accuracy 0 – +20% 0 – +10% 0 – +10% 0 – +10% -5 – +5% -5 – +5%
Selectable range 50 – 600V
(Step voltage5V)
610 – 1200V (Step voltage10V) 1225 – 3000V (Step voltage25V) 3050 – 6000V (Step voltage50V) 6100 –
10000V (Step voltage100V)
10100 – 12000V Step voltage

Voltage Measurement

Test range DCV:±30 ~ ±600V、ACV:30 ~ 600V (50/60Hz)
Accuracy ±2%rdg±3dgt

Current Measurement

Test Range 5.00nA – 2.40mA (depends on insulation resistance)

Capacitance Measurement

Measuring range 5.0nF ~ 50.0μF
5.0nF – 1.0μF (Display range: 5.0nF – 50.0μF) (10000V/12000V)
Accuracy ±5%rdg±5dgt

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